45s and Other Revolutions: A-Sides beginning with A


August 9th, 2016

58 mins 20 secs

Season 4

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Vinyl-O-Matic Season 4, Episode 1
45s and Other Revolutions: A-Sides beginning with A

Mable John
a: "Able Mable"
b: "Don't Get Caught"
Stax Records 45-249
Definitely able.

Prince Buster's All Stars
a: "Al Capone"
b: "One Step Beyond"
Blue Beat Records BB 324
Yes those songs.

The Byrds
a: "All I Really Want to Do"
b: "I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better"
Columbia Records 4-43332
Evidently inspired Cher's rendition of this Dylan song.

Pretty Girls Make Graves
a: "All Medicated Geniuses"
b: "C*30 C*60 C*90 Go/Magic Lights"
Matador Records OLE-606-7
Yes that song.

Los Campesinos!
a: "Allez Les Blues"
b: "Dumb Luck"
Heat Rash HR #3
I really <3 Los Campesinos! and this disc is no exception. I knew from the first time I heard them "We Throw Parties" I think, but what sealed the deal was their cover of Pavement's "Frontwards".

God Is My Co-Pilot
a: "Almost Not/I Hate My Friends"
b: "Pussybox/I'm Not the One/Well No Wonder"
On a Wing and a Prayer
Funky Mushroom Records FM-004
So awesome. I loved seeing them live.

Willie Nelson
a: "You Are Always on My Mind"
b: "The Party's Over"
Columbia Records 18-02741

Ceoltoiri Ghoill
a: "Amhrainin Siodraimin/Fath Mo Bhruartha & Sleamhnan Ui Chaoimh"
b: "Do Chuirfinnse Fein/An Ghloine Bheorach"
Ceol Beal Feirrte CBF 001E
Courtesy of The Friendship Force in 1977.

Music Behind the DJ: “Gomez” by Vic Mizzy.

Cover image: Dorothy Mackaill in Safe in Hell (Wellman, 1931). Al Capone > Scarface (Hawks, 1932) > pre-Code Hollywood > Safe in Hell > Dorothy Mackaill > Hubba Hubba.

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