45s and Other Revolutions: A-Sides beginning with the letter H, still.


November 16th, 2018

59 mins 5 secs

Season 4

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Pat Benatar [00:33]
a side: "Hit Me with Your Best Shot"
b side: "Prisoner of Love"
Chrysalis Records CHS 2464 1980
Made it to #9 on the Billboard Hot 100. I have a distinct memory of a local cover band playing this song at an assembly during junior high school. The male lead singer was evidently concerned about his masculinity and swapped "put another notch in my lipstick case" with "put another notch in my guitar case". Whaddya gonna do.

The Fantastic Johnny C [06:32]
a side: "Hitch It to the Horse"
b side: "Cool Broadway"
Phil-L.A. of Soul 315 1968
aka Johnny Corley, perhaps best known for (surprise) "Boogaloo Down Broadway". Hit #25 on the R&B charts.

Thompson Twins [13:18]
a side: "Hold Me Now"
b side: "Let Loving Start"
Arista Records AS 1-9164 1984
A solidly middling new wave-ish number. Kinda doesn't go anywhere, and in the spirit of the More Is More 80s pop, the closing refrain of the chorus for a freakin' minute and a half. One might argue that synth pop had jumped the shark at this point. But hey, I picked this up for a buck. And the b-side is... something, variation on a theme perhaps?

Johnny Nash [21:48]
a side: "Hold Me Tight"
b side: "Cupid"
JAD Records J-207 1968
Some great rocksteady from the man who brought you "I Can See Clearly".

Brooklyn Dreams [29:46]
a side: "Hollywood Knights"
b side: "Hollywood Knights (Instrumental)" [omitted for your sanity]
Casablanca Records CAROL 1463-0 1980
Yes, the "hit" single from an actual movie. Evidently someone let Robert Wuhl have a lead role. Sort of a Grease-era Revenge of the Jocks romp, if that's your sort of thing. Perfect evidence that nostalgia is a disease.

Naked Raygun [32:53]
a side: "Home"
b side: "Last Drink"
Caroline Records CAROL 1463-0 1990
The single from their 1990 record Raygun... Naked Raygun. The b-side is a cover of Nic Austin's band Chelsea. On lovely transluscent green vinyl, with the cover signed by the band.

Junior Walker & the All Stars [39:21]
a side: "Home Cookin"
b side: "Mutiny"
Soul Records S 35055 1968
You ain't nothin if you can't cook. I reckon that applies to pretty much everyone, not just a prospective steady. Reached #42 on the Hot 100. Plus a jammin b-side.

Palace Songs [46:09]
a side: "Horses"
b side: "Stable Will"
Drag City Records DC47 1994
Refer to episode S04E19 for a higher energy version of "Stable Will".

Music behind the DJ: "Everybody's Talkin" by Terry Baxter and his Orchestra

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