45s and Other Revolutions: More A-Sides beginning with the letter L.


February 12th, 2019

52 mins 29 secs

Season 4

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Paleophone [mm:ss]
a side: "Like Stars"
b side: "All I Ever"
Cock of the Walk COTW01 2012
Some local tunes, including a b-side that references a band that I know well.

Sebadoh [mm:ss]
a side: "Limelight"
b side: "Dialogue"
Joyful Noise Records JNR171 2015
Didn't we all hate high school? A little something for adolescents of all ages out there in listener land.

The Monkees [mm:ss]
a side: "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You"
b side: "The Girl I Knew Somewhere"
Colgems 66-1004 1967
Yup. Super catchy Neil Diamond tune on the a-side, and an even catchier b-side written by Michael Nesmith. If you poke around enough you can find a version of "Girl I Knew Somewhere" with Michael singing instead of Mickey which I really really like. For those of you who are interested in that sort of thing, check out Michael Nesmith's recent autobiography "Infinite Tuesday".

The Music Explosion [mm:ss]
a side: "Little Bit O'Soul"
b side: "I See the Light"
Laurie Records LR 3380 1967
Reached the #2 slot on the Hot 100 but was unable to dislodge The Association's "Windy" from #1. Mansfield Ohio's own.

Palace Music [mm:ss]
a side: "Little Blue Eyes"
b side: "The Spider's Dude Is Often There"
Drag City Records DC91 1996
A fine little single, perhaps my favorite of the Palace incarnations.

Syndicate of Sound [mm:ss]
a side: "Little Girl"
b side: "You"
Bell Records 640 1966
San Jose's own Syndicate of Sound bringing us a well played Nuggets classic, and a very groovy b-side. I'll be honest and say that I think the first time I heard this tune was via the Divinyls 1988 rendition with the noun change.

Pete Townshend [mm:ss]
a side: "A Little Is Enough (stereo)"
b side: "A Little Is Enough (mono)"
ATCO Records 7312 1980
Indeed, the New Wave-esque pop single from his 1980 album Empty Glass. Not only does this promo single have a stereo and a mono side, but the stereo side label is blue and the mono side is white.

Fleetwood Mac [mm:ss]
a side: "Little Lies"
b side: "Little Lies"
Warner Bros. Records 7-28291 1987
A fine little Christine McVie number from their 1987 Tango in the Night album. Indicative of the time, there is actually a Jelly Bean Benitez remix of this on the 12" release of this same single.

Music behind the DJ: "Baby Elephant Walk" by Les Brown and His Orchestra.

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