45s and Other Revolutions: A-Sides beginning with the letter O, and some that begin with the letter P.


April 26th, 2019

1 hr 44 secs

Season 4

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Booker T & the MG's [00:34]
a side: "Over Easy"
b side: "Hang 'Em High"
Stax Records STA-0013 1968
Whoops... guess I got those sides flipped around. Of course "Hang Em High" would be the a-side. Oh well. Reached #9 on the pop charts and #35 on the R&B charts in 1968.

Pigbag [08:35]
a side: "Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag"
b side: "The Backside"
Y Records Y10 1981
Some groovy early 80s post punk from Cheltenham. An obvious play on the hardest working man in show biz, who we will hear in just a little bit, coincidentally enough.

Art of Noise [17:21]
a side: "Paranoimia"
b side: "Paranoimia (with Max Headroom)"
Chrysalis Records VS4 43070 1986
That's right, paranoia plus insomnia equals Paranoimia, with the b-side featuring illustrious mid-80s cyberpunk Max Headroom. Interested listeners can shake the internet to find the Channel 4 tv tilm Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future, or The Max Headroom Show, or the Gibsonian US tv series Max Headroom, and even Mr. Headroom as spokesentity for New Coke (no really).

DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince [25:28]
a side: "Parents Just Don't Understand"
b side: "Parents Just Don't Understand"
Jive Records 1099-7-JAA 1988
Parents, amirite?

The JB's [31:50]
a side: "Pass the Peas"
b side: "Hot Pants Road"
People PE 607 1972
Funk yeah! James Brown's backing band from the 1970s with two killer tracks. Pass the Peas reached #29 on the R&B charts.

Wymond Miles [38:10]
a side: "Passion Plays"
b side: "Batwing"
Sacred Bones Records SBR-108 2013
Fresh & Onlys guitarist Wymond Miles bringing us some fine solo atmospherics, and flipside cover of New Zealand band The Terminals.

Will Oldham [44:59]
a side: "Patience"
b side: "Take However Long You Want"
Drag City Records/Palace Records DC118/PR16 1997
Oh hey, remember last episode when I mentioned that Will Oldham briefly recorded as Will Oldham between Palace and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy?

Pink Lady [52:00]
a side: "Peppaa Keibu"
b side: "Kanpai Ojousan"
RCA Victor SV-6097 1976
Debut single from Mei and Kei aka Pink Lady, singing about Inspector Pepper. In case you are wondering, Peppa Keibu is in the key of D Major. Thanks again to loyal Vinyl-O-Matic listener Trane for this one.

Music behind the DJ: "3rd Man Theme" by Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass.

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