45s and Other Revolutions: More A-Sides beginning with the letter T as in Tango.


August 9th, 2019

1 hr 9 secs

Season 4

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Ewan & Jerry with The Carib Beats [00:23]
a side: "Tennesee Waltz"
b side: "You've Got Something"
Giant Records GN 14 1967
Yes, the Redd Stewart/Pee Wee King classic made even more classic-er... if that's a thing.

The Parliaments [06:24]
a side: "(I Wanna) Testify"
b side: "I Can Feel the Ice Melting"
Revilot Records RV 207 1967
All killer no filler on this Parliaments outing. Keen listeners will recognize the flipside being covered by Yo La Tengo on their recent album Stuff Like That There.

Laughing Hyenas [12:44]
a side: "That Girl"
b side: "18/Hell's Kitchen"
A white label release of the Ann Arbor band's 1986 demos.

Messengers [24:03]
a side: "That's the Way a Woman Is"
b side: "In the Jungle"
Rare Earth R 5032F 1971
I can neither confirm nor deny that I have any idea about what the a-side is about.

Rufus & Carla [30:08]
a side: "That's Really Some Good"
b side: "Night Time Is the Right Time"
Stax Records S-151 1964
Hot stuff on both sides.

Lulu [34:40]
a side: "That's Really Some Good"
b side: "Here Comes the Night"
Decca Records F-12017 1964
That blistering guitar? Jimmy Page. Really. Ok, and I may have gotten my sides flipped around but we play what we play, am I right? Anyway, Rufus Thomas on one side and Bert Berns on the other... again, all killer and no filler.

Moby [40:22]
a side: "That's When I Reach for My Revolver"
b side: "Whip It"
Sub Pop Records SP377 1996
It's true kids, Moby isn't just an electronic music nerd. He's got post-punk cred and he's wearing it on his sleeve for this Sub Pop single.

The Crystals [48:42]
a side: "Then He Kissed Me"
b side: "Puddin' n' Tain"
Phillies Records COL 3201 (1963)
The flipside is actually The Alley Cats, not The Crystals as the label says. I can just see the one shot from Goodfellas in my mind whenever I hear this song.

Bonus Material: The aforementioned one shot. [56:42]

Music behind the DJ: "To Sir with Love" by Herbie Mann.

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