45s and Other Revolutions: A-Sides beginning with the letter U as in Uniform and some that begin with the letter V as in Victor.


September 27th, 2019

55 mins 20 secs

Season 4

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Dyke and the Blazers [00:28]
a side: "Uhh"
b side: "My Sisters' and My Brothers' Day Is Coming"
Original Sound OS-91 1970
Uhh... yeah!

Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys [05:38]
a side: "Up to My Neck in High Muddy Water"
b side: "Carnival Bear"
Capitol Records 2110 1968
Pretty fine a-side, pretty dreary b-side. Ah well, ya can't win 'em all. No wonder it only made it to number 93 on the Hot 100.

The Gogo's [12:03]
a side: "Vacation"
b side: "Beatnik Beach"
IRS Records IR-9907 1982
It really is all I ever wanted. New Wave pop perfection for these LA Ladies.

Visqueen [17:58]
a side: "Vaccine"
b side: "His Way"
Blue Disguise Records BD001 2002
Some high quality power pop from the PNW featuring Rachel Flotard on guitar, Kim Warnick on bass, and Ben Hooker on drums.

Frank Zappa [24:43]
a side: "Valley Girl"
b side: "You Are What Is"
Barking Pumpkin Records WS9 02972 1982
A bitchin single from Mr. Zappa and daughter Moon Unit. His only single to hit the Hot 100, reaching number 34.

Naked Raygun [32:32]
a side: "Vanilla Blue"
b side: "Slim"
Sandpounder Records SR 001 1987
Remember that Downtown Beirut jukebox I mentioned an episode or two ago? Well, this "Vanilla Blue" was usually selection number 3 for me.

Duran Duran [39:43]
a side: "A View to a Kill"
b side: "A View to a Kill (That Fatal Kiss)"
Capitol Records B-5475 1985
If I recall, this film was not one of Roger Moore's best, but hoo boy... Grace Jones! And Christopher Walken! Also, I guess I know what I'll be using for a bed track next time .^

Cheap Trick [45:52]
a side: "Voices"
b side: "Voices"
Epic Records 9-50814 1979
A very Beatle-esque power ballad from Chicago's finest. Peaked at number 32 on the Hot 100.

Music behind the DJ: "Search for Vulcan" by John Barry

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