45s and Other Revolutions: A-Sides beginning with the letter Y as in Yankee, and one that begins with the letter Z as in Zebra, and some extra stuff too.


December 21st, 2019

55 mins

Season 4

Your Host

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Cub [00:54]
a side: "Your Bed"
b side: "Cast a Shadow"
Mint Records MRS-009 1994
Fun stuff from these Canadian ladies, featuring a Beat Happening b-side. Classic cuddlecore.

Hank Williams with his Drifting Cowboys [07:05]
a side: "Your Cheatin Heart"
b side: "Lovesick Blues"
MGM Golden Circle KGC 107 1965
A 1965 MGM reissue of Hank's 1953 classic "You're Cheatin' Heart" backed with his 1949 recording of "Lovesick Blues". Sorry for the quality of the record, but as they say... if it plays, I'll play it.

The Five Americans [13:19]
a side: "Zip Code"
b side: "Sweet Bird of Youth"
Abnak Records AB-123 1967
A fine sugary snail mail anthem from these fellows from Durant, Oklahoma.

Shannon Shaw & Bloodshot Bill [17:57]
a side: "True"
b side: "Honey Time"
Slovenly Recordings 702-183 2016
A hot single on lovely pink vinyl from two great musicians.

The Zambonis [24:10]
a side: "Away Game/Shot ...Score!"
b side: "The Referee's Daughter"
Dot Dot Dash DOT 4 1995
Hockey and power pop? You betcha. I majorly love this minor single.

Alex Little and the Suspicious Minds [31:46]
a side: "Late Night Love"
b side: "Dead Cold Eyes"
Light Organ Records 25396 11966 2019
More hot pop rock from North of the Border.

Mi-Sex [39:49]
a side: "Computer Games (Long Version)"
b side: "Computer Games (Short Version)"
Epic Records 9-50820 1980
Sometime light on substance, heavy on style works.

The Uniques [44:33]
a side: "It's All Over Now"
b side: "Tired of Livin' in the Country"
SAR Records SAR-152 1964
The original and arguably best version of "It's All Over Now". This Sam Cooke produced single only made it to number 94 on the charts. Shortly after that, Murray the K reputedly introduced the song to The Rolling Stones who recorded it and it show them to their first number record in the UK, and number 26 here in the good ol' USA.

Music behind the DJ: "Red Baron" by Vince Guaraldi

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