Albums and All That, Starting with the letter A as in Alpha, and some that begin with the letter B as in Bravo


March 26th, 2020

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Season 5

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Albums and All That, Starting with the letter A as in Alpha, and some that begin with the letter B as in Bravo

From At Home with Their Hits (The Partridge Family) to Barry Lyndon (Music from the soundtrack to)

The Partridge Family [01:12]
"I Think I Love You"
At Home with Their Greatest Hits
Bell 1107 1972
Whoops. Don't know how this one slipped through the cracks, but I'm glad I caught it.

Be-Bop Deluxe [04:05]
"Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape"
Axe Victim
Harvest 11689 1974
From the debut Be-Bop Deluxe. Very Bowie derived, but cool things throughout.

The B-52's [07:40]
The B-52's
Warner Bros. BSK 3355 1979
Reached number 59 on the Top 200. Wonderful pop junk, to borrow a phrase from Robert Christgau, here with the band borrowing from Petula Clark.

Lunachicks [10:35]
"Cookie Core"
Babysitters on Acid
Blast First BFFP 52 1990
I mean really, who doesn't love cookies? I always loved seeing them live back in my NYC days. One of the best was when they played with L7 at CBGBs shortly after my 22nd birthday.

Camarata conducting the Kingsway Symphony Orchestra and Chorus [13:56]
"Toccata and Fugue in D Minor"
Bach Spectacular
London Records SPC 21078 1972
In Phase 4 Stereo! Quadrophonic, you ask? Nope... just using 10 channels, and eventually 20 channels, with "extreme" stereo mixing.

Saar Chamber Orchestra [23:22]
"Contrapunctus 14 - Harpsichord"
Bach: Art of the Fugue
Musical Heritage Society MHS 657/658
Budget Bach from the Musical Heritage Society.

Arthur Loesser [26:55]
"No. 1: Prelude and Fugue in C Major, BWV 846"
Well-Tempered Clavier, Books I & II
The Cleveland Institute of Music CRC 2001
Turns out Cleveland does more than rock.

AC/DC [31:09]
"Shoot to Thrill"
Back in Black
Atlantic SD 16018 1980
Got this album for my 12th birthday. I was told many times by my mother to turn it down. Mission accomplished. Presumably a 25x Platinum album. Shift those units!

The O'Jays [36:28]
"Love Train"
Back Stabbers
Philadelphia International Records KZ 31712
Gotta go with this hit in these times.

Gong Kebyar, Sebatu [39:32]
Bali: Gamelan Music from Sebatu
Archiv Produktion 2533 130 1972
According to the liner notes, this is an ancient ritual temple dance performed by warriors before a fight.

John Coltrane Quartet [47:05]
"You Don't Know What Love Is"
Impulse! A-32 1963 (1974 reissue)
A classic from the American songbook, written for an Abbott and Costello flick "Keep Em Flying" from 1941. Of course, it took Miles Davis to make it a jazz standard, and Coltrane and co to take it to the next level.

The Three O'Clock [52:19]
Baroque Hoedown
Frontier FLP 1010 1982
From the frontlines of the Paisley Underground, we'll go with The Three O'Clock's cover of The Easy Beats "Sorry", because of course Angus and Malcolm Young's older brother George co-wrote "Sorry". How's that for a callback.

The Munich Bach-Orchestra [54:41]
"Concerto for Two Harpsichords and Orchestra in C-Minor"
Music from the soundtrack of Barry Lyndon
Warner Bros. K56189 1975
One of the finest films to be shot by candlelight. And hey, another call back: Bach + Harpsichord. We're killing it!

Music behind the DJ: "Inspector Clouseau's Theme" by Henry Mancini

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