Albums and All That, Starting with the letter B as in Bravo, Part 5


April 29th, 2020

58 mins 56 secs

Season 5

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Curve [01:01]
"I Speak Your Every Word"
Blindfold EP
Anxious Records ANX T 27 1991
Rise again, mighty wah guitars of the early 90s!

Nadja [04:56]
"Bliss Torn from Emptiness Part One"
Bliss Torn from Emptiness
Dirtier Promotions DPROMDLP103
Originally released in 2005 as one 49 minute track, this splatter white/black vinyl copy was released in 2014 with Bliss Torn from Emptiness split across three sides with the fourth side containing a live German recording of "Memory Leak".

Alvarius B [23:09]
"Dirty Angels"
Blood Operatives of the Barium Sunset
Abduction ABDT 032 2005
One of Alan Bishop's aliases covering an Ennio Morricone song from the 1969 Mauro Severino film Dirty Angles (Vergogna schifosi).

Ash Borer [26:43]
"Oblivion Spring"
Gilead Media/Psychic Violence RELIC 47/PV-VII 2013
Some fine Bay Area-ish atmospheric black metal, with a somewhat relevantly titled lead track.

Lord Buckley [42:19]
"Subconscious Mind"
Blowing His Mind (And Yours Too)
Fontana TL 5396 1966
So far out, he was in.

Blue Magic [45:16]
Blue Magic
ATCO Records SD 7038 1974
Yes indeed, step right up ladies and gentlemen and hear this Philly Soul classic.

Joni Mitchell [49:30]
"All I Want"
Reprise MS 2038 1971
This album made it to number 15 in the top 200, dulcimers and all.

Matthew Sweet [53:03]
"Back to You"
Blue Sky on Mars
Zoo Entertainment
A very Beach Boys bit of Power Pop, in a mighty fine way.

Music behind the DJ: "The Singleman Party Foxtrot" by Dave Grusin

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