Albums and All That, Starting with the letter B as in Bravo, Part 7


May 13th, 2020

1 hr 3 mins 26 secs

Season 5

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Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy [01:01]
"Love Is Love"
The Brave and The Bold
Overcoat Recordings OC27 2006
A solid collaboration providing a pretty good cover of an excellent Lungfish song. Who knew the combo would work out so well?

Dave Brubeck [04:30]
"Besame Mucho"
Bravo! Brubeck!
Columbia CS 9495 1967
The quartet recorded live in Mexico, with support from Chamin Correa on guitar and Salvatore Agueros on bongo and conga.

Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge [10:16]
"Sweet Susannah"
Monument PZ 33278 1974
A snappy little cajun-flavored number by Floyd Gib Guilbeau.

Deerhoof [12:50]
"Mothball the Fleet"
Breakup Song
Polyvinyl Record Company PRC-244 2012
I really like the thumb piano-type riff in this one.

George Benson [17:16]
Warner Bros. BS 2919 1976
Certified RIAA Sales Award! The Bobby Womack-penned title track looms large in my memory as the community calendar music for KCCI.

B/B/S/ [22:54]
Brick Mask
Miasmah MIALP022 2013
The debut from Berlin trio of Canadian Aidan Baker on guitar, Italian Andrea Belfi on drums and electronics, and Norwegian Erik Skodvin on guitar.

The Blues Brothers [31:37]
"Hey Bartender"
Briefcase Full of Blues
Atlantic SD 19217 1978
10 year old me was super into this album. This double-platinum album was recorded in LA at the Universal Ampitheater, where they were the opening act for Steve Martin. When I spotted this copy at Dog Eared Books in San Francisco for 3 bucks, I figured it was worth it for sentimental reasons at least.

Silver Jews [34:36]
"Slow Education"
Bright Flight
Drag City DC215 2001
The opening track to this engaging 2001 album. Words and music by the late, great David Berman.

Pavement [37:35]
"We Are Underused"
Brighten the Corners
Matador OLE 197-1 1997
Theme song for a generation? The fourth studio album from Pavement, which reached alllll the way up to 70 on the Top 200. It was definitely in my Top 5 for 1997.

Jackie Gleason [41:49]
Broadway & Hollywood Showstoppers
Capitol SL-6645

Aw, I was really hoping The Great One himself would be belting this out, but evidently it's from one of his mood music collections.

Aidan Baker [45:25]
"Anna Broke De Dr Me"
Broken & Remade
Revolverman Records RMR 004 2010
A sublime album of songs built from 4-8 second samples of instruments, featuring Aidan Baker on electric, acoustic and bass guitars, flute, vocals, and synth; Richard Baker on drums; Lucas Baker on trumpet; and Sarah Gleadow on violin.

Marianne Faithfull [53:47]
"Broken English"
Broken English
Island ILPS 9570 1979
I was hoping to find a video for her infamous SNL performance of this song, but no such luck. Plus, it's better to just enjoy the song in its original format.

Boston Spaceships [58:23]
"Go for the Exit"
Brown Submarine
Guided By Voices Inc GBVI-3

Robert Pollard, Chris Slusaranko, and John Moen brining their indie power pop excellence together.Spaceships

Music behind the DJ: "Jackie" by Billy May and his Orchestra

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