Albums and All That, Starting with the letter C as in Charlie, Part 2


June 10th, 2020

1 hr 3 mins 52 secs

Season 5

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Cat Stevens [00:52]
Catch Bull at Four
A&M Records SP 4365 1972
How about a nice song about meditation from a number one album?

Eddy Arnold [04:03]
"Tumbling Tumbleweeds"
Cattle Call
RCA Victor LSP-2578 1963
Written by a golf caddy, no less.

Heatwave [06:45]
"The Groove Line"
Central Heating
Epic JE 35260 1978
Funk from the UK! This hot song made it to number 7 on the Hot 100.

Thou [11:00]
"The Defeatist's Lament"
Ceremonies of Humiliation
Vitriol Records/Dead Tank Records/Bloated Veins VIT037/DTR-031/BV-007 2014
A 3 record compilation consisting of singles, EPs and splits from this fantastically heavy Louisiana group.

Thou [14:47]
Ceremonies of Repetition
Gilead Media RELIC109 2019
Skinwalkers are a pretty intriguing bit of Navajo folklore.

New Order [18:34]
Factory FAC. 33 1981
This is the first version of this single, released as a 7" in January 1981, and the 12" release in March. It was re-recorded in September 1981 when Gillian Gilbert joined the band.

Jimmy Buffett [22:59]
Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes
ABC Records AB-990 1977
Every day someone is born who has never heard Margaritaville.

Yves Montand [27:07]
"Le Chant de la Libération (Le Chant des Partisans)"
Chansons Populaires de France
Monitor MF 324 1959
A song about the French Resistance that sort of became an alternate National Anthem in the years after the war.

Charles Mingus [32:19]
Charles Mingus and Friends
Columbia KG 31614 1973
Recorded at Lincoln Center on February 4, 1972 featuring quite the collection of musicians. This Dizzy Gillespie numbers is quite fun.

Mutilation Rites [36:26]
"Axiom Destroyer"
Gilead Media/Argento Records RELIC74/AT0009 2018
Some blackened heaviness from Brooklyn on "blood and bone" splatter vinyl.

Scott Walker [40:25]
"The Meeting"
The Childhood of a Leader
4AD CAD3620 2016
Haven't seen the film but the soundtrack is outstanding, as you might expect from Scott Walker.

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem [43:19]
"Little Saint Nick"
A Christmas Together
RCA Victor AFL1-3451 1979
It's Christmas in June as Dr. Teeth and crew give us their best Beach Boys.

Buck Owens and his Buckaroos [46:41]
"Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy"
Christmas with Buck Owens and his Buckaroos
Capitol Records T-2396 1965
Mysteries revealed!

Clan of Xymox [45:54]
"7th Time"
Clan of Xymox
Relativity EMC 8037 1986
Some exemplary goth from The Netherlands. If you want to read a hilarious argument about goth music vs darkwave, head over to the Talk page of the Dark Wave Wikipedia entry.

George Carlin [53:31]
"Muhammad Ali - America the Beautiful"
Class Clown
Little David LD 1004 1972
I'd still say this still holds up lo these many years later.

Bowerbirds [28:10]
"This Year"
The Clearing
Dead Oceans DOC033lp 2012
Phil and Beth and crew bring us some fine indie folk rock on this 2012 Dead Oceans album. Interested parties should definitely check out the new Bowerbirds EP Thrift Store/High Rise.

Music behind the DJ: "Soulful Strut" by Billy May and his Orchestra

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