Albums and All That, Starting with the letter E as in Echo, Part 2


September 9th, 2020

1 hr 4 mins 43 secs

Season 5

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The Rolling Stones [01:03]
"She's So Cold"
Emotional Rescue
Rolling Stones Records COC 16015 1980
Stones doing what the Stones do best, keeping it simple. Dig that slapback reverb. Number one on the Top 200 in 1980, with this track making it to number 26 on the Hot 100.

Pete Townshend [05:15]
"Jools and Jim"
Empty Glass
ATCO Records SD 32-100 1980
A nice little invective directed at a couple of NME writers.

Canyon [07:50]
"Ten Good Eyes"
Empty Rooms
Gern Blandsten GERN064 2002
An East Coast kinda Americana Slowcore band? Picked up this record when I saw them open for Vic Chesnutt at the Bottom of the Hill in the early Aughties.

Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang [11:41]
"Tic-Tock Polka"
Encore Italiano!
Audio Fidelity AFSD 5931 1965
One from my grandparents collection. Can't resist a good rendition of Tic-Tick Polka.

The Platters [15:35]
"My Prayer"
Encore of Golden Hits
Mercury Records MG 20472 1960
The most popular version of this standard. Ask me about the time I was the soundboard operator for an off-off Broadway production of Jim Thompson's Pop. 1280.

eX-Girl [18:22]
"Hettakorii No Ottokotou"
Endangered Species
Alternative Tentacles Virus 313 2004
Avant J-pop from the planet Kero Kero.

Ensemble Pearl [23:33]
"Painting on a Corpse"
Ensemble Pearl
Drag City DC544 2013
Music composed for a piece by Gisèle Vienne, featuring Stephen O'Malley of Sunn O))), Atsuo of Boris, Michio Kurihara by Ghost, and William Herzog.

Syntonic Research, Inc [32:09]
"The Psychologically Ultimate Thunderstorm"
Environments: Totally New Concepts in Sound - Disc 4
Syntonic Research, Inc SD 66004 1974/1979
"A Psycho Acoustic Experience." Yes. Yes it is.

Music behind the DJ: "Slow Poke" by Lawrence Welk and his Orchestra

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