Albums and All That, Starting with the letter F as in Foxtrot, Part 2


September 30th, 2020

57 mins 59 secs

Season 5

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Fairport Convention [00:47]
"Million Dollar Bash"
Fairport Chronicles
A&M SP-3530 1976
Fairport Convention plucking a little something from the Basement Tapes and giving it a fine dust off.

Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart [03:41]
"Girl I'm Out to Get You"
Family Portrait
A&M SP-19002 1967
Bubblegum Pop takes a dip into Chamber Pop? Maybe this is what happened when Boyce & Hart listened to Sgt Pepper and Their Satanic Majesties Request?

Bobbie Gentry [06:05]
Capitol Records ST-428 1970
A fine funky arrangement of this Harry Nilsson/Bill Martin song. The album made it to number 34 on the Hot Country Albums chart.

The Oak Ridge Boys [08:45]
"She's Gone to L.A. Again"
Fancy Free
MCA Records MCA-5209 1981
From the album that unleashed the song "Elvira" on an unsuspecting listening public.

Lightnin' Hopkins [12:40]
"Lightnin' Boogie"
Fast Life Woman
Verve Records V-8453 1962
Some excellent electric boogie from the Texas legend. Fun fact: Hopkins recorded an album in 1969 entitled Free Form Patterns in which he was backed by the 13th Floor Elevators rhythm section.

Frank Yankovic [15:29]
"Champagne Taste and a Beer Bankroll"
Favorite Polkas
ABC Records ABCD-873 1975
Ain't it the truth, buddy.

Feargal Sharkey [17:29]
"It's All Over Now"
Feargal Sharkey
A&M Records SP-6-5108 1985
Former Undertones frontman with his first solo outing. Couldn't resist picking this one. For interested parties, there is the album opens with a bit of she said/he said: Side 1 Track 1 is by Maria McKee about her relationship with Benmont Tench, and Side 1 Track 2 is by Benmont Tench but is purportedly not about Maria McKee.

Nina Hagen [21:40]
"What It Is"
Columbia BFC 39214 1983
That's right, an RHCP song. And oddly it fits in the context of this album very well.

José Feliciano [27:30]
"Just a Little Bit of Rain"
RCA Victor LSP-3957 1969
Could definitely use a little rain out here.

Deerhoof [30:20]
"Paradise Girls"
Fever 121614
Polyvinyl Record Company PRC-309 2015
Recorded live in Tokyo, on beautiful translucent red vinyl. One of the my favorite bands to see live.

Tom Jones [33:49]
"Don't Fight It"
Fever Zone
Parrot PAS 71019 1968
Tom doing his best Wilson Pickett.

Julio Iglesias [36:41]
"Une Chanson Quie Revient"
CBS DIL-50323 1981
Awe yeah, disco Cole Porter. Begin the Beguine for those of you wondering.

PJ Harvey [42:15]
"50ft Queenie"
50ft Queenie
Island Records 12IS 538 1993
The third single from Rid of Me. Recorded at Prince's Pachyderm Studios by Steve Albini.

Ohio Players [44:38]
Mercury SRM-1-1013 1974
Ohio Players number one single from their number one album.

UiLab [49:06]
"St. Elmo's Fire (Radio)"
Bingo BIN 2 1998
Ui + Stereolab + Eno = Awesome!

Billy Mure's Super-Sonic Guitars [53:14]
"Guitar Theme"
RCA Victor LSP-1694

Some stereophonic snazziness!

Music behind the DJ: "Everybody's Talkin" by Terry Baxter and his Orchestra

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