Albums and All That, Starting with the letter N as in November, Part 3


February 18th, 2022

1 hr 6 mins 29 secs

Season 5

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Nick Lowe [00:28]
"My Heart Hurts"
Nick the Knife
Columbia FC 37932 1982
Nick's first outing after the dissolution of Rockpile. Another catchy tune, co-written with Carlene Carter. Such a great duo.

Nicolette Larson [03:07]
"Lotta Love"
Warner Bros. Records BSK 3243 1978
Fresh off assisting Neil Young with American Stars 'n Bars, Nicolette unleashes some peak 70s adult-oriented rock with this side one, track one Young cover for her debut album.

Shana Cleveland [06:14]
"Face of the Sun"
Night of the Worm Moon
Hardly Art HAR 111 2019
Some excellent cinematic Western feels for sure. Besides being an excellent musician, Shana makes my very favorite calendar.

The Oscar Peterson Trio [09:44]
"I Got It Bad (and That Ain't Good)"
Night Train
Verve Records V6-8538 1963
An album of excellently curated standards, with this being no exception.

Tom Waits [16:20]
"Eggs and Sausage (in a Cadillac with Susan Michelson)"
Nighthawks at the Diner
Asylum Records 7E-2008 1975
Dining with everyone's favorite dive bar maestro.

Billy Oskay and Mīcheãl Ō Domhaill [22:31]
"The 19A"
Windham Hill Records WH-1031 1984
Guitars, and violas, and whistles, and harmoniums. What? I tried to pick one of the short tracks.

The Beatles [25:42]
"Paperback Writer"
Apple Records SKBO 3403 1973
One of my favorite non-album singles from the lads.

The Beatles [27:57]
"Don't Let Me Down"
Apple Records SKBO 3404 1973
What? Just because many of the folks who listen to Vinyl-O-Matic have watched all 7 hours and 48 minutes of Get Back doesn't mean we can't still enjoy this song. I mean really, how awesome was Billy Preston?

Hillsboro High School Eagle Band [33:20]
"Streets of Laredo"
1973-1974 Sweepstakes
Reelsound Recording Company RSF-7417 1974
Ah the classic rake's lament. Fun fact: Hillsboro, Texas was used in the filming of Wes Anderson's 1996 film "Bottle Rocket".

Eurythmics [34:49]
"Sexcrime (1984)"
1984 (For the Love of Big Brother)
RCA ABL1-5349 1984
A doubleplusgood track from this soundtrack scored by Dave Stewart.

Prince [38:49]
"Little Red Corvette"
Warner Bros. Records 9 23720-1 1982
Perhaps one of the best first sides of any double album out there. Hard to choose just one track from the album, but "Little Red Corvette" will always be my fave. Fun fact: "Little Red Corvette" was partially the inspiration for Stevie Nick's 1983 hit "Stand Back", and in fact His Pupleness can be heard playing synth on the choruses.

Los Campesinos! [43:46]
"What Death Leaves Behind"
No Blues
Turnstile TS007LP 2013
The lead single from Los Campesinos! excellent 2013 album, on lovely hot pink vinyl. Here's an appearance that they made at the time on New York's WFUV.

Motörhead [49:10]
"Ace of Spades"
No Remorse
Bronze 7 90233-1-H 1984
Every day someone is born who has never heard Motörhead's "Ace of Spades". Perhaps one of those people is you. If so, enjoy! I bet you couldn't tell that Lemmy was a fan of slot machines. Fun fact: This album was leather scented when I bought it a very long time ago. A little travelling music please.

Carly Simon [51:56]
"You're So Vain"
No Secrets
Elektra EKS-75049 1972
Every day someone is born who has never heard Carly Simon's smash hit "You're So Vain". Perhaps one of those people is you. Enjoy. Very interesting opening bass lick from Klaus Voorman.

The Exbats [56:13]
"Ghost in the Record Store"
Now Where Were We
Goner Records 173GONE 2021
One of the best albums of 2021. Can't get enough of Exbats! This song made it's first appearance for 2020's Record Store Day (back in the dark days).

Taurus [58:57]
"No/Thing Longing, Human Impermanence"
Self-Released 2013
Some excellent experimental heaviness from this Portland duo. Was lucky enough to catch them opening for Agalloch a couple of years ago.

Music behind the DJ: "Slow Poke" by Lawrence Welk

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