Albums and All That, Starting with the letter P as in Papa, Part 4


December 23rd, 2022

1 hr 2 mins 6 secs

Season 5

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Berlin [00:24]
Pleasure Victim
Geffen Records GHS 2036 1983
Some classic nouvelle vague, very LA style.

Merle Haggard & Willie Nelson [04:33]
"Pancho & Lefty"
Pancho & Lefty
Epic FE 37958 1982
What the hell is up with the intro?! Anywho, pretty decent pass at the Townes Van Zandt classic. And these gentlemen let Townes appear as a federale in the accompanying video.

The Knitters [09:18]
"The New World"
Poor Little Critter on the Road
Slash 25310-1 1985
Well, since there was an election just recently, this seems like the one to go with.

Margaret Whiting [12:15]
"Gentle on My Mind"
Pop Country
London Records PS-527 1967
A snappy rendition of this John Hartford-penned number made popular by Glen Campbell.

False [16:23]
"A Victual for Our Dead Selves"
Gilead Media relic110 2019
Some blackened metal from this former Minneapolis combo.

Ahmad Jamal [27:13]
"Ahmad's Blues"
Portfolion of Ahmad Jamal
Argo LP 2638 1959
Recorded live at the Spotlite Club in Washington DC in September of 1958, featuring Ahmad on keys, Israel Crosby on bass, and Vernel Fournier on drums. Fun fact: Argo was a subsidiary of Chess Records.

The Undertones [32:11]
"It's Going to Happen"
Positive Touch
Harvest ST-12159 / Ardeck ST-12159 1981
A bit of a change in direction for the Northern Ireland lads. And I would say in a good way. It's always interesting when bands progress their sound. Feargal still sounds as distinctive as ever. During their appearance on Top of the Pops for this single, guitarist Damian O'Neill wore a black armband to mark the recent passing of Bobby Sands.

Bongwater [35:47]
The Power of Pussy
Shimmy Disc shimmy 040 1990
Originally recorded by Dremble Wedge and the Vegetation. Just kidding, it's a Dudley Moore tune performed by Peter Cook in the 1967 Stanley Donen film Bedazzled. Deftly handled by Ann Magnuson, Kramer, Dave Rick, and David Licht.

Earth Wind & Fire [38:32]
"Fall in Love with Me"
Columbia TC 38367 1983
Track one, side one solid dancer with a heckuva guitar solo. Powerlight was the bands 12th studio album and certified gold. This song was released as single and made it to number 17 on the Hot 100.

Iron Maiden [45:32]
"Flash of the Blade"
Capitol Records SJ-12321 1984
The epicly epic album from my favorite band when I was a teenager. I caught them at Radio City Music Hall on this tour, with opening act Queensryche. You've never seen so much spandex and leather and hair. And then there was my nerdy self. Anywho, evidently this song made it into Dario Argento's Phenomena.

Krallice [49:37]
Gilead Media relic92 2017
Blackened goodness straight outta Queens.

Pretenders [57:22]
"Talk of the Town"
Pretenders II
Sire SRK 3572 1981
Got this one for my 13th birthday. This is an edited version of the 1980 single purportedly about Chrissie and Ray Davies.

Music behind the DJ: "Slow Poke" by Lawrence Welk

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