Albums and All That, Starting with the letter S as in Sierra, Part 2


September 28th, 2023

59 mins 18 secs

Season 5

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Sarah Vaughan [00:36]
"Hey Naughty Papa"
Mercury Wing MGW 12237 1962 (originally released in 1956)
Hey now. Evidently this one was written by Hoagy Carmichael? Here Sarah is backed by Hal Mooney and his Orchestra.

Subway [02:51]
Soul Jazz Records SJR 157-12 2007
Beep boop boop beep.

Jerry Byrd [08:27]
"Cold Cold Heart"
Satin Strings of Steel
Monument SLP 8033 1965
Getting very aloha with Hank's classic.

Glen Campbell [11:06]
"Lonesome Jailhouse Blues"
A Satisfied Mind
Pickwick SPC-3134 1971
A repackaging of the Glen's Capitol Records 1966 album Big Bluegrass Special.

Bee Gees [14:28]
"Jive Talkin'"
Saturday Night Fever (The Original Movie Sound Track)
RSO RS-2-4001 1977
Sometimes you just have to go with the hit. Oh wait, they're all hits.

The Hot Dogs [18:13]
"Feel Real Fine"
Say What You Mean
Ardent Records ADS-2805 1973
A great little gem of a Big Star adjacent album. Digging this track by Terry Manning.

Tom Jones [21:12]
"Come to Me"
Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow
Epic PE 34468 1977
That's right, the theme song from The Pink Panther Strikes Again (Edwards, 1976). You know, the one with the castle in Bavaria? My brothers and I went with my mother to see this one in the theaters instead of staying home and watching Super Bowl XI (Raiders v Vikings).

Daniel Ocko [24:07]
"The Guitar Player"
Great Ghost Stories
Troll Records 50-002 1973
Oops... right genre, wrong cover. The record is Great Ghost Stories but the sleeve is Scary Spooky Stories.

Harry Nilsson [31:27]
"Gotta Get Up"
RCA LSP 4515 1971 (1979 reissue)
Aleatoric glissando. Look it up.

Rafael Kubelik conducting the Chicago Symphony Orchestra [33:51]
"Schoenberg: 5 Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 16 - Peripetia"
Shoenberg/Bartok - 5 Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 16/Music for Stringed Instruments, Percussion, and Celesta
Mercury MG-50026 1953

Pete Townshend [36:04]
ATCO Records 7 99063-1-F 1983
A pretty solid demo from a compilation full of Who demos.

Scott Walker [38:34]
Scott (Aloner)
Smash Records SRS 67099 1967
Alright, so I'm cheating a little on this one too. The US release of Walker's first album, Scott, was titled Aloner. But I didn't have this album when we were running through Albums that begin with the letter A as in Alpha. It's really difficult to pick just one song to play here. My instinct wanted to go with "The Lady Came from Baltimore" but the atmosphere of his cover of Brel's "Amsterdam" is so good.

Siouxsie & the Banshees [43:21]
The Scream
Polydor POLD 5009 1978
The amazing debut album from Siouxsie and the Banshees. A pretty remarkable effort front to back. The version of "Mirage" that appears on this album gains a little polish but still retains the energy of the Peel Session version the year before.

Judas Priest [46:11]
"The Hellion/Electric Eye"
Screaming for Vengeance
Columbia FC 38160 1982
One of the greatest 1-2 punches in album opening history. You know exactly what you are in store for. Fourteen year-old me was completely enthralled with the sound of this album.

Hap Palmer [50:31]
"Sweetwater Springs"
Sea Gulls... Music for Rest and Relaxation
Activity Records AR 584 1978
Woof. File under Easy Listening. Why do I feel the sudden urge to make a macrame plant hanger?

Will Oldham [52:15]
Seafarers Music
Drag City DC261 2004
Music to accompany a documentery by.

Music behind the DJ: "Cold Cold Heart" by Lawrence Welk and Orchestra

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