45s and Other Revolutions: Still More A-Sides beginning with the letter I.


December 22nd, 2018

1 hr 1 min 25 secs

Season 4

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Keith Carradine a side: "I'm Easy"
Henry Gibson b side: "200 Years"
ABD Records ABC-12117 1975
Don't worry, I assure you the b-side is ironic.

Lester Young
a side: "I'm in the Mood/Big Top Blues"
b side: "Rose Room"
Norgran Records EP N-113 1955
Definitely digging Big Top Blues.

Dwight Twilley Band
a side: "I'm On Fire"
b side: "Did You See What Happened?"
bonus b side: "Looking for the Magic"
What?! Crazy, I know. Two singles, two different b-sides. The latter being one for a "jukebox only" pressing from Columbia Records in 1979. It sort of reminds me of the dreaded classic rock radio trick of "Hey, Old Band You Like has new album out, let's listen to a tried and true classic of theirs you love so we don't hurt any chances they might have of selling out the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter MegaDome." All right, it isn't anything like that.

Bruce Springsteen
a side: "I'm On Fire"
b side: "Johnny Bye Bye"
Columbia Records 38-04772 1984
What?! Another Bruce Springsteen song? Oh no... what's happening to me щ(゚Д゚щ)

The Blasters
a side: "I'm Shakin'"
b side: "No Other"
Slash Records SRS-110 1981
The Blasters, like no other.

The Staple Singers
a side: "I'll Take You There"
b side: "I'm Just Another Soldier"
Stax Records STA-0125 1972
Believe it or not, I did use record cleaner but clearly this single was very much loved.

The Yardbirds
a side: "I'm A Man"
b side: "Still I'm Sad"
Epic Records 5-9857 1965
Whoah... that's a helluva choice for a b-side.

The Bee Gees
a side: "I've Gotta Get a Message To You"
b side: "Kitty Can"
ATCO Records 45-6603 1968
Ok, that b-side more than makes up for The Yardbirds b-side.

"Bond Meets Solitaire" by George Martin.

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