45s and Other Revolutions: Yet Still More A-Sides beginning with the letter I.


December 28th, 2018

58 mins 1 sec

Season 4

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The Bangles [00:24]
a side: "If She Knew What She Wants"
b side: "Not Like You"
Columbia Records 38-05886 1986
Now that' how you do a 4 minute pop song.

Joe Tex [07:19]
a side: "If Sugar Was as Sweet as You"
b side: "The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)"
Dial Records 45-4026 1966
Whoops, flipped the sides around again. Oh well.

The Belle Stars [14:12]
a side: "Iko Iko"
b side: "Iko Iko"
Capitol Records P-B-44343 1982
Huh, I'll be darned... "From the original motion picture Rain Man." A very 80s rendition of the Dixie Cups classic.

God Is My Co-Pilot [17:04]
The Making of Americans 1991

Will Oldham a side: "In My Mind" [18:59]
Rising Shotgun b side: "Spotlight"
Palace Records PR18 1997
Oh those rascally Oldham brothers.

Helmet [29:08]
a side: "In the Meantime"
b side: "No Nicky No"
Amphetamine Reptile Records SCALE 47 1992
That is definitely a sound of 1992 NYC.

Zola Jesus [34.33]
a side: "In Your Nature"
b side: "In Your Nature (David Lynch Remix)"
Sacred Bones Records SBR-073 2012
From the subtle to the sublime.

The Animals [42:12]
a side: "Inside - Looking Out"
b side: "You're On My Mind"
MGM Records K13468 1966
Kinda sound like they recorded "in the garden of eden."

Patsy's Rats [48:59]
a side: "Is It Alright?"
b side: "Givin' Up"
Wink and Spit WAS-005
Heck yeah, some quality power pop.

"That's a Nice Hat (Cap)" by Geroge Martin and his Orchestra.

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