45s and Other Revolutions: A-Sides beginning with the letter I, and some that begin with the letter J.


January 5th, 2019

51 mins 38 secs

Season 4

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Desmond Dekker and The Aces [00:42]
a side: "Israelites"
b side: "My Precious World"
UNI Records 55129 1969
This Desmond Dekker and Leslie Kong penned tune became the first reggae single to reach #1 in the UK and actually made it to number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Johnny Bond [06:09]
a side: "It Only Hurts When I Cry"
b side: "The Girl Who Carries the Torch for Me"
Starday 45-893
Hmmm. Almost a kind of ska beat going on there. And I think the b-side is certainly taking some liberties (pause for groan).

Dwight Yoakam [11:26]
a side: "It Only Hurts When I Cry"
b side: "Let's Work Together"
Reprise Records 7-19148 1990
Ah yes, that's more like it. Mr. Yoakam and Mr. Miller do sure wrote a fine happy sad song.

The Mindbenders [17:37]
a side: "It's Getting Harder All the Time"
b side: "Off and Running"
Fontana Records F-1595 1967
Not one, but two tracks from the film "To Sire with Love".

The Uniques [23:20]
a side: "It's All Over Now"
b side: "All I Took Was Love"
Paula Records PAULA 299 1968
Shreveports own The Uniques bringing us a lively version of this Bobby & Shirley Womack tune. Some of you may recall their single "You Ain't Tuff" from the first Nuggets compilation.

Talk Talk [27:40]
a side: "It's My Life"
b side: "It's My Life"
EMI Records P-B-8195 1984
A true 80s classic.

Kevin Rowland & Dexy's Midnight Runners [33:05]
a side: "Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven when You Smile)"
b side: "Let's Make this Precious"
Mercury Records DEXYS 10 1982
Can't go wrong recording this Van Morrison tribute to "Reet Petite".

David Dundas [39:49]
a side: "Jeans On"
b side: "Sleepy Serena"
Chrysalis Records CHS 2094 1976
Lord?! Yes, son of the 3rd Marquess of Zetland.

"To Sire with Love" Trailer [48:25]

"To Sir with Love" by Terry Baxter and his Orchestra.

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