45s and Other Revolutions: Yet Still Even More A-Sides beginning with the letter S.


July 5th, 2019

1 hr 1 min 35 secs

Season 4

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Boris [00:29]
a side: "16:47:52..."
b side: "...and hear nothing"
Southern Lord Records Lord108.3 2009
Just chill, friends.

Santo & Johnny [13:02]
a side: "Sleep Walk"
b side: "All Night Diner"
Canadian American Records 103 1959
Gettin a little sleepy on the a-side but boy do things liven up on the flipside. Just like an all night diner.

Together Pangea [18:05]
a side: "Snakedog"
b side: "Offer"
Harvest Records B001863421 2013
Hot stuff from the So Cal dudes.

Clarence Carter [23:24]
a side: "Snatching It Back"
b side: "Making Love (at the Dark End of the Street)"
Atlantic Records 45-2605 1969
Killer a-side and a kind of bizarre b-side cover.

The Royal Guardsmen [30:54]
a side: "Snoopy vs the Red Baron"
b side: "I Needed You"
Laurie Records LR 3366 1966
And now a glimpse into Your Old Pal Will's mind. A dream I had once upon a time regarding The 50/50s- There we were. Playing a show in the basement of a library. We had launched into our new cover song, a mashup of The Dream Syndicate’s “The Days of Wine and Roses” and Tears for Fears “Mad World” (here in the waking world, this not our current cover). Just then I spotted someone leaving the show with my copy of The Royal Guardsmen “Snoopy vs The Red Baron” 45. Naturally I had to nab the culprit, so I passed my guitar to that “Max” kid from Roswell to takeover. And now you know why no one cares about your dreams.

Snow Angel [35:47]
a side: "So Sick So Cool"
b side: "We Are Stars"
Gabby La La Music 2015
So danged awesome from the wonderful brain of Gabby La La and friends.

The Strokes [44:45]
a side: "Someday"
b side: "Is This It/Alone Together (home recordings)"
RCA Records 07863 60623-7 2002
The hot sounds of 2002, when everything old was new again and it was so awesome. For a while.

The Box Tops [52:25]
a side: "Soul Deep"
b side: "(The) Happy Song"
Mala 12,040 1969
Super awesome groove, with a mighty fine Alex Chilton-penned b-side. Oddly "Soul Deep" was covered the next year by country crooner Eddy Arnold. Crazy man, crazy.

Music behind the DJ: "The Red Baron" by Vince Guaraldi.

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