45s and Other Revolutions: Further Explorations of A-Sides beginning with the letter S as in Sierra.


July 12th, 2019

1 hr 2 mins 39 secs

Season 4

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Hamilton Bohannon [00:33]
a side: "South African Man (Pt. 1)"
b side: "Have a Good Day"
Dakar Records DK 4539 1974
Some fabulous funk and some innnnteresting ez groovin from the man known as Bohannon.

Freakwater [08:09]
a side: "South of Cincinnati"
b side: "Count Me Out"
Thrill Jockey thrill 027 1995
A mighty fine cover of Dwight Yoakam from these Louisville Gal on the great Thrill Jockey label. The b-side is their bandmate David Wayne Gay Fun fact: Did you know there is a K-Tel compilation called "Alt.Country Exposed Roots". It's true. Do you remember Usenet? I remember Usenet.

Shonen Knife [17:36]
a side: "Space Christmas"
b side: "Christmas Message '91"
Rockville Records ROCK6075-7 1991
Christmas in July?! Your Old Pal Will is insane... for Shonen Knife. Featuring the originals Naoko and Atsuko Yamano and Michie Nakatani.

Thou [25:20]
a side: "Spin the Black Circle"
b side: "No Excuses"
Sisters in Christ SIC001 2015
A very grungy 2015 Record Store Day release from Louisiana's own Thou.

The Police [34:32]
a side: "Spirits in the Material World"
b side: "Flexible Strategies"
A&M Records 2390-S 1981
If you want a glimpse into the world of conflict that is The Police, Mssr le Sting wrote this song on a Casio and wanted to keep it entirely synth based but eventually let Andy Summers play guitar along with the synth. Compromise! And the b-side is, well, very jamtastic.

Classics IV [41:21]
a side: "Spooky"
b side: "Poor People"
Imperial Records 66259 1967
That is one cool spooky groove. Fine cover versions can also be heard by Dusty Springfield, Jazz Butcher, and Daniel Ash. The b-side "Poor People" is a bit more sunshine-y, though in my mind pales in comparison of Alan Price's completely unrelated song "Poor People". And that's... my two-cents.

The Alarm [48:26]
a side: "The Stand"
b side: "Reason 41"
IRS Records IR-9922 1983
From the land of the red dragon, The Alarm dropped this IRS single in 1983 and while if failed to chart in the US, it did receive plenty of rotation on good ol' MTV.

Pavement [54:22]
a side: "Stereo"
b side: "Birds in the Majic Industry"
Domino Records RUG51 1997
Well, how did it get so high?

Music behind the DJ: "A Shot in the Dark" by Jimmy Haskell.

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