45s and Other Revolutions: Indeed More A-Sides beginning with the letter S as in Sierra.


July 19th, 2019

52 mins 51 secs

Season 4

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Dwight Yoakam & Buck Owens [00:32]
a side: "Streets of Bakersfield"
b side: "One More Name"
Reprise Records 7-27964 1988
The Pioneer of the Bakersfield Sound and the Honky Tonk Hip Priest had a smash hit with this 1988 re-recording of a Buck Owens mid-late period classic.

The Jackson 5 [06:32]
a side: "Sugar Daddy"
b side: "I'm So Happy"
Motown Records M 1194F 1971
The Corporation bringing us a little tune song by Jermaine and Michael. Peaked at number 10 on the Hot 100. And a fine slow jam on the flipside.

The Clique [12:41]
a side: "Sugar on Sunday"
b side: "I Am Superman"
White Whale WW 323 1969
A fine example of sunshine pop cover of a Tommy James tune on the a-side and a super b-side from these Texans. Hit number 22 on the Hot 100 in 1969.

Pavement [18:29]
a side: "Summer Babe"
b side: "Mercy Snack/Baptiss Blacktick"
Drag City Records DC9 1991
Hot stuff by the crazy kids from Stockton.

The Lovin' Spoonful [26:44]
a side: "Summer in the City"
b side: "Butchie's Tune"
Kama Sutra Records KA211 1966
Super classic single from John Sebastian and the boys, including a mighty fine b-side whose instrumental version can also be heard in Antonioni's 1966 opus "Blow Up".

Robyn Hitchcock [31:40]
a side: "Sunday Never Comes"
b side: "Take Off Your Bandages"
Tiny Ghost Records TG-02 2019
Another fantastic outing from this year by Mr. Robyn Hitchcock. The a-side is a proper recording of a demo that can be heard in the 2018 adaptation of Nick Hornby's Juliet, Naked.

The Archies [40:57]
a side: "Sunshine"
b side: "Over and Over"
Kirshner Records 63-1009 1969
Super fine indeed. And say, that flipside has a certain familiar ring to the opening riff. Hmmm...

Crazy Elephant [46:11]
a side: "Sunshine, Red Wine"
b side: "Pam"
Bell Records B-804 1969
Can't say I've ever heard a song about someone named "Pam" before.

Music behind the DJ: "Main Title" by Herbie Hancock.

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