45s and Other Revolutions: Yet Still Even More A-Sides beginning with the letter W as in Whiskey.


November 19th, 2019

1 hr 11 mins 19 secs

Season 4

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Velvet Underground [00:33]
a side: "Who Loves the Sun (mono)"
b side: "Who Loves the Sun (stereo)"
Cotillion Records 45-44107 1971
A suitably Lou Reed-esque lyric, sung but Doug Yule.

Deerhoof w/ special Guest Marc Ribot a side: "Who Sleeps, Only Dreams" [06:09]
Ceramic Dog b side: "Hide with Me" [09:20]
Northern Spy Records NS 053 2014
Yup, this is pretty much my dream split. The first Bay Area band that flipped my switch after moving out here, and my favorite guitarist that I tried to see at every opportunity when I live in NYC.

The Archies [14:48]
a side: "Who's Your Baby"
b side: "Senorita Rita"
Kirshner Records 63-5003 1969
Bubblegum pop with a gospel break on the a-side, and a latin themed flipside? The Archies covering all the bases with this 45.

DeBarge [20:17]
a side: "Who's Holding Donna Now?"
b side: "Be My Lady"
Gordy Records 1793GF 1985
Now that is some smooth r&b. No wonder it made it all the way to number 6 on the Hot 100.

Eurythmics [29:25]
a side: "Who's that Girl?"
b side: "Aqua"
RCA Records PB-13800 1983
If you've never seen the video for this single, it's quite a treat.

Bongwater a side: "Why Are We Sleeping?" [39:49]
Uncle Wiggly a side: "With My" [43:48]
Dean Wareham b side: "Indian Summer" [45:47]
Beat Happening b side: "Foggy Eyes" [48:50]
The Tinklers b side: "I Think We're Alone Now" [51:38]
Chemical Imbalance #7 1990
Almost forgot about the Great Shakes ad intro to this Chemical Imbalance Issue #7 disc.

Rock and Roll Adventure Kids [53:28]
a side: "Wildman/She's a Dork and I Like Her/Twist 'n' Shout"
b side: "Wildman/She's a Dork and I Like Her/Twist 'n' Shout"
Soul Not Style Records SOUL 1 2001
Hot stuff featuring Bay Area Burger Guy Marc Ribak.

Great Falls a side: "Wingwalker" [59:31]
Thou b side: "Prayer to God" [01:05:54]
Hell Comes Home HCH-014
A very heavy, very Shellac-y split.

Music behind the DJ: "Gomez" by Vic Mizzy

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