45s and Other Revolutions: Some A-Sides beginning with the letter W as in Whiskey, and some that begin with the letter Y as in Yankee.


November 27th, 2019

59 mins 1 sec

Season 4

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Hamilton, Joe Frank, & Reynolds [00:41]
a side: "Winners and Losers"
b side: "Barroom Blues"
Playboy Records P 6054 1975
Both kinds of music... "Country-ish" and Disco? The follow up to "Fallin in Love". This time out they only made it up to number 21 on the Hot 100.

Red Fang [08:49]
a side: "Wires"
b side: "LSP"
Relapse Records RR1091-1 2011
Hot and heavy stuff from these Portland gents. As per usual with Red Fang, there's a pretty epic video to accompany this a-side. Fun fact for fans of The Decemberists: Jenny Conlee and Chris Funk also perform on this record. Oh my glob! Maybe the b-side is about Lumpy Space Princess?

Architecture in Helsinki [19:12]
a side: "Wishbone"
b side: "Wishbone - Rah Teeti Remix"
Moshi Moshi Records moshi 36 2006
Antipodeans AIH bring us some charming sounds of 2006 with this single from their album In Case We Die.

Nilsson [25:55]
a side: "Without You"
b side: "Me and My Arrow"
RCA Victor 447-0924 1971
The a-side of this reissue single often seems way longer than it's 3 minutes and 16 seconds it claims on the label. Time surely is relative. Thankfully the flipside is a super catchy antidote.

King Curtis and the Noble Knights [31:57]
a side: "Wobble Twist"
b side: "Twistin' with the King"
Enjoy Records EJ-4 1962
If there's twising involved, it must be the early 60s.

The Mekons [37:06]
a side: "Work All Week"
b side: "Unknown Wrecks"
Virgin Records VS 300 1979
Definitely a certain kind of something.

Village People [44:34]
a side: "Y.M.C.A."
b side: "The Women"
Casablanca Records NB 945 1978
Yes, that late 70s smash hit, kept out of the number 1 spot by Chic's "Le Freak" and Rod Stewart's "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy". Yeah, it was that kind of year.

George Jones [52:01]
a side: "Ya Ba Da Do! (So Are You)"
b side: "Ya Ba Da Do! (So Are You)"
Epic Records 34 68743 1988
Ol' No Show finds solace in a ghost and a cartoon. Heck, you can't blame him. Sadly he just missed making the Top 25 for this first time in 30 years thanks to this novelty number.

Music behind the DJ: "Aquarius" by Joe Reisman and his Orchestra.

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