45s and Other Revolutions: More A-Sides beginning with the letter Y as in Yankee.


December 4th, 2019

1 hr 4 mins

Season 4

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Al Stewart [00:31]
a side: "Year of the Cat"
b side: "Broadway Hotel"
Janus Records J-266 1976
Scotsman Al Stewart penned this Alan Parsons-produced classic, which made it all the way up to number 8 on the Hot 100. Definitely sounds like the mid-70s to me ear. Fun fact: Janus Records was originally extension of England's Pye Records.

Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames [09:00]
a side: "Yeh, Yeh"
b side: "Preach and Teach"
Imperial Records 66086 1965
This toe tapping classic originally started as an instrumental originally recorded by Mongo Santamaria in 1963, and then shortly thereafter had lyrics added by Jon Hendricks of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross. Then in 1965 Englishman Georgie Fame.

Birds of America [14:18]
a side: "Yes! I Know I Am Free"
b side: "Untitled"
Isota Records sody001 2001
The very first Isota Records release, featuring a fantastic letterpress sleeve by Nathaniel Russell printed at the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley CA.

Loretta Lynn [23:31]
a side: "You Ain't Woman Enough (to Take My Man)"
b side: "You're Lookin' at Country"
MCA Records MCA-53576 1966/1971
An MCA Double Play! The a-side features Loretta's 1966 smash hit "You Ain't Woman Enough", her eighth single to make it into the top 10, up to number 2. The flipside features her 1971 single that made it up to number 5 on the country charts.

Jun Mayuzumi [29:06]
a side: "You and the Sun"
b side: "My Love, My Love"
Capitol Records CP-1040 1969
Another fine single from late 1960s Japan, the a-side in A minor for those of you playing along at home. I have it on good authority that a-side "Fushigina Taiyou" directly translates to "Strange Sun" but "You and the Sun" works fine to.

Bongwater [35:39]
a side: "You Don't Love Me Yet"
b side: "The Porpoise Song"
Shimmy Disc Records shimmy 7-98 1988
All killer no filler on this Shimmy Disc single featuring Ann Magnuson, Dave Rick & Kramer bringing us a Roky Erickson tune on the a-side and Goffin-King-by-way-of-The-Monkees b-side The Porpoise Song.

Harry Dean Stanton [46:42]
a side: "You Don't Miss Your Water"
b side: "Across the Borderline"
Rx Remedy Records RXR 015 1993
The late great Harry Dean Stanton joined by pals Jamie James, Skunk Baxter, Slim Jim Phantom, and Tony Sales.

Etta James [57:29]
a side: "You Got It"
b side: "Fire"
Cadet 5620 1968
The follow-up single to her super hot rendition of "I Got You", somehow "You Got It" only made to number 113. What gives?

Music behind the DJ: "Audrey's Dance" by Angelo Badalamenti.

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